Collecting and analyzing data is one thing but putting it into practice is another. Beyond dashboards and reports, how do you actually use data to drive behavior and better performance?

This is the key question we tackled with Victoria Kuklina, Chief Financial Officer of Pinnacle Home Care. See how a tech-enabled CFO leveraged data to structure a more effective bonus program and align team performance with improved KPI visibility.

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What role technology and data will play in the future of finance

How to build a centralized framework for cross-functional metrics

How to secure buy-in across the organization on performance targets and incentives

How to Drive High-Impact Performance like a CFO

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With over 15 years of experience working with visionary executives, Chad is passionate about empowering organizations to realize the full potential of their data. Previously, he was the Director of Data Management at S&P Capital IQ, a leading financial information provider.

Victoria Kuklina

Chad Rose | Host

CFO | Pinnacle Home Care

CEO & Co-Founder | InsightOut

Victoria is the Chief Financial Officer of Pinnacle Home Care, a leading Florida-based home health care provider. She has been recognized by Industry Era as one of the "10 Best CFOs of 2021" and the Tampa Bay Business Journal as "CFO of the Year" in 2021.

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