For many organizations, Salesforce is a mission critical system that serves as a lifeline between the company and its customers. Yet, this data is often siloed or underutilized, providing limited insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Darin LeGrange, CEO of Sentrics – a leading provider of senior living technology, joins us to discuss how the organization transformed their Salesforce data into a performance management engine. This process has enabled an adaptive sales strategy that has accelerated growth throughout the global pandemic.

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How to leverage real-time, sales rep-level reporting to exceed targets and maximize market opportunity

How to select the right KPIs to measure and analyze leading indicator data to identify early warning signs and course correct

How to unify stakeholder data access to eliminate redundant monthly reports and meetings

Master Your Salesforce Data to Drive a Winning Sales Strategy

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Wednesday, June 29th  2:00PM EDT

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With over 15 years of experience working with visionary executives, Chad is passionate about empowering organizations to realize the full potential of their data. Previously, he was the Director of Data Management at S&P Capital IQ, a leading financial information provider.

Darin LeGrange

Chad Rose | Host

CEO | Sentrics

CEO & Co-Founder | InsightOut

Darin LeGrange is the CEO of Sentrics. He has successfully led global technology and business process organizations, spanning the Fortune 50 healthcare division through software startups. Prior to joining Sentrics, Darin served as Managing Director of North America Healthcare at Atos.

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